Shopping with My Guys

The weather here was just beautiful today. November 20th and it was 73 degrees! Robert and I decided to take full advantage of it and head to Zona Rosa for a little shopping. We hit Barnes and Noble and picked up a couple of magazines then headed over to The Children’s Place where we picked up some new blanket sleepers because they say cold weather is coming tomorrow. We got the green one and a blue one and a red one. They are size 3/6 months and he’s filling it out nicely… good grief.

We met Jim for dinner at Rib Crib. He stayed up all night with Robert last night so I knew he wouldn’t mind not having to worry about what to fix for dinner tonight. Tuesday is all you can eat rib night and that’s one of his favorites.

After dinner we headed over to Marshall’s and got new satin sheets and a microfiber blanket for the bed. The sheets are unbelievably comfy and the blanket is so toasty. I love it!

We popped into Marshmallow Kisses because I wanted to get a snuggle sack for Robert’s car seat to help keep him warm this winter. They are the only place I’ve found so far that has the waterproof one. I found this long sleeve t-shirt that said; “Result of Mommy Kissing Santa” and we just had to have it. We also got matching reindeer booties… over priced but he’ll only have one first Christmas.

I think he’s going to wear the t-shirt when he goes to visit the Fairy Princess. The Fairy Princess is a Kansas City tradition that Zona Rosa has brought back. She listens to your child’s wishes then relays them to Santa. I want to take Robert and do a scrapbook page with the caption “Forget the fat guy in the red suit, I’m going for the hot chick with the wand”.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to be in the mid 30s with a chance of snow… brrr. I think we’ll be staying home!


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