Go KU!!!

OK, truth be known I could actually care less about the KU/MU football game tonight. I have no allegiances to either team. My husband however is a KU fan. He is very excited about tonight’s game. And I will admit the fact that two teams from schools that really aren’t known for their great football program being ranked in the top five this late in the season is exciting. I’ve been around people who were loyal fans from both schools all my life and it is quite the rivalry in the Kansas City area. We actually have “mixed” marriages here where a Tiger alum will pair up with a Jayhawk alum… at these times they are a house divided. So for peace in my house I will say today “Go Hawks!”. I even got Robert a little Jayhawk ball cap – he doesn’t seem real impressed by it but that’s a six week old opinion… I’m sure in the future it will be a much bigger deal!

I just got back from a little shopping trip. Hit the JoAnn’s to stock up on their .99 wrapping paper rolls and get some black fleece to put behind Robert for some pictures. The line was insane! Then I hit Office Max which was ghost town. I think I was the only customer in the store. I went in for ink and labels but also found a Christmas gift for Jim and picked up a few of Robert’s preschool supplies. Came home because I was missing my guys and they are both totally sacked out!


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  1. Brighton

    Shopping and football. I love fall!

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