How Could I Not Be Thankful

This Thanksgiving was a special one. I introduced my son to the tradition of having Thanksgiving dinner at my Mom’s house. I’ve been a part of that tradition for 37 years. I love this photo that my husband caught because Robert is looking at ME (definitely not because of how I look… gee I could use some sleep!) This week he really started tracking me. He watches where I go in the room. And it sort of looks like he’s smiling, like maybe he didn’t totally crap out in the mom lottery and he thinks I might have a clue of what I’m doing with him.

Other things I’m thankful for this year, in no particular order:
— the thought of starting new family traditions with my son
— a wonderful husband who goes out of his way to make sure I’m happy and loves me even when I’m feeling pretty unloveable
— my Mom is here to help me as I become a Mom, and the wonderful examples I have from she and my Dad
— my Aunt and Uncle who are like another set of grandparents for Robert and who have always been there for me (my Uncle walked me down the aisle at my wedding; my aunt stepped in to open all the gifts at the baby shower that took place the day Robert decided to join us)
— a job that I love and feel fulfilled in and can’t wait to get back to; along with a great boss and co-workers and a preschool where Robert will be loved and taken care of
— friends who come by to visit
— some alone time to shop today
— a hobby that allows my inner artist to come out digitally since I have no “natural” artistic talents
— our house is warm, the bills are paid and we are well fed… 80% of the world can’t say that and I know how blessed I am that I can


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