Jim’s Christmas – Done!

Our first Christmas I was trying to do something really creative and special for Jim. I wound up getting ahold of the Cigar Aficianado’s list of Top 50 Cigars of the Year and buying him the top 5 rated non-Cuban cigars. Took a lot of searching the internet to find them but I did it. I made a special card up that told about each cigar and also made him a personalized Cigar Journal that I had bound. He absolutely loved it. I loved that he realized it took a lot of effort and that it was a labor of love. That was the beginning of my demise. Last year about this time he said to me, “I can’t wait to see what you do this year.” Oh boy, he’s expecting creativity and thoughtfulness two years running. So, I got him the top two cigars from each country listed on the Top 50 list – again no small feat and a lot of internet searching. A lot of times you can find them but only if you want to buy a box… I can’t afford 12 boxes of cigars at once! I made up a pamphlet that told about each cigar and had a map of it’s country of origin. It’s Christmas again. And although my husband hasn’t said anything yet I know what he’s thinking. God Bless Two Guys Smoke Shop, they must have sensed that their loyal customer, who 37 weeks pregnant sent her husband to their anniversary dinner in Boston, needed a stroke of genius. They did the leg work for me and this year are selling the Contender Pack. The seven cigars in the final running for 2007 Cigar of the Year all in a leather travel humidor… send it to me boys! I’ll do a nice card/pamphlet and be done! Of course, since it wasn’t as much work as in the past I also ordered him a couple of cigars I’ve been reading about I think he’ll enjoy. Three gifts down! Tonight I went on Amazon and chose a nice selection of Cigar books… not a big enough order to qualify for free shipping so I tossed in a Shrek 3 DVD… count that as stocking filled and my shopping for the husband is done!


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