Sometimes It Has to be Personal

I love personalized stuff! I just think it makes it that much more special. So, of course, Robert’s stuff has to be personalized. It helps when you know there’s not going to be another child so no need for sharing later.

My Mom has some friends who run an embroidery business. They are the sweetest little Jewish couple. I mention they are Jewish because two of their products are Christmas stockings and Family Tree Skirts. When we got married my Mom got us a tree skirt. They put the family name and year you were married on it along with the bride and groom’s names. Then when you have children/grandchildren you add them just like a family tree. Lou and Betty gave Jim and I our stockings as a wedding gift. Today Mom picked up our skirt wth Robert’s name added to it and once again Lou and Betty gifted us with a stocking for him. These are things I truly will treasure. Not just because I think they are so cool but because of the love and thought that they were given with. The pictures really don’t do the skirt or the stocking justice. I’m so anxious to get the house decorated now!

Then on ebay I found these adorable Snoopy blankets. Personalized and Snoopy… well that was a no brainer. Robert needs a blanket for preschool and you can’t pass up anything that has Baby’s First Christmas on it!

The other blanket is a large polar fleece blanket that my friend Denise LaBoube got for Robert. I babysat all four of Denise’s kids when I was in high school. They joke that I was the family nanny. The blanket she gave us will grow with Robert. We put it on the floor now for tummy time because we can fold it to have multiple layers and be soft and cushy for him. As he gets older he can take it to the stadium with him to wrap up. I just love it.

Jim just called and is on his way home. When he gets here we’re off to Target and Babies R Us. Since Harley is being the hound from hell chewing everything I’m afraid of what she’ll do with the tree. We’re going to need a baby gate/yard type thing soon enough so I might as well get it now and it can guard my tree. I wish that dog would get out of puppy phase… only a year and a half more to go.


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