Scenes from Robert’s Day

I can’t believe this was my last day of maternity leave. Come Monday it’s back to the grind. This little guy is getting so big and his personality is really starting to develop. He had a big day today. We went over to Aunt Barb’s house and had lunch with Aunt Sue, Aunt Barb, Uncle Ward and Grandma. It was the first time Sue had met him and she thought he was pretty ok. Then we ran errands for a few hours. Tonight we finally found a winter hat for him that fits and he didn’t fuss too much when we put it on him. Right now he’s chilling out on the couch with Daddy and catching on up time with him.

He’s starting to smile more but I haven’t really been able to capture it on film yet. However you can see his little eyes dancing.

They say it’s going to get cold overnight and freezing rain tomorrow morning. Maybe that will force me to stay home and clean. I desperately need to get out and get a haircut. I also need to find some Christmas cards that a) I like and b) aren’t $32.00 a box (sorry Hallmark!)

Right now I think I’m going to go snuggle with my boys.


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