Our Tree Lives In A Gated Community

We got out the Christmas tree today. After a while of playing hunt the empty bulb socket for the ornaments that plug into the lights we finally located them all and thankfully the lights work! Last year I thought we’d get a new tree this year, but we got a baby instead so the new tree will wait until next year… it’s a trade off I can live with.

Cosmo absolutely loves Christmas trees and garland, always has. Every year he climbs the tree. For the most part though he just hangs out underneath it. Perhaps it’s because he’s an indoor cat and this somehow is his substitute for nature, I don’t know. Last year Harley showed no interest in the tree. She didn’t bother the ornaments or try to knock it over, this year however, Santa’s little helper is chewing everything in sight… I think it’s sibling rivalry. I just knew I was going to be lying in bed hearing “crunch, crunch, crunch” outside my bedroom door. That’s her little game. She goes and gets something to chew and lays outside the bedroom door until I get up to find out what it is she has and rescue it. So, we put a fence around the tree. Cosmo can still get in and out but Harley can’t. I’m sure eventually he will start teasing her with this fact and then it will be game on. Perhaps it will wind up that we are getting a new tree next year not because we want to but because this one has been destroyed in the Cat vs. Dog WWIII showdown. I hope not, I really don’t want to clean that up.

Got all the presents that have arrived the past few days wrapped and under the tree. Even got the presents from Santa wrapped… that’s the joy of a 7 week old at Christmas, you can wrap their stuff in front of them. Santa this year is wrapping in solid red paper with white bows. The packages looked so cute I almost got out my black cardstock to put a black strip around the middle of them like Santa’s belt but then I realized who the hell do I think I am, Martha Stewart? There is a lot more other stuff to be done, especially since these packages are seen for approximately 7 minutes.

My best friend Renee called. She’ll be in town from December 13 – January 2!!! YEAH!!! She and my husband have a sushi date for lunch one of the days he has off and I’m working. Go for it guys, I really don’t like sushi. Renee lives in Vegas and jokes that when we come out to see her she and I can go shopping and she and Jim will eat out. They’re both foodies, me, not so much. I’m just as happy with a quick burger somewhere.

The garland still needs to get put up and I have a ton of cookie recipes I want to try. Jim and Robert are watching the MU game so I have a few hours to entertain myself.


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