Small Burst of Energy

Of course my bursts of energy come when it’s bedtime! So far I’ve managed to totally clean out all the drawers in the bedroom so they can be filled with clean laundry after our folding party tomorrow. Got the garland up on the mantle and the stockings hung. Tomorrow we can do the garland around the TV, didn’t want to disturb Jim watching the football game.

I finally got the quotes for Robert’s wall printed and put in their mattes. Jim can put them in the frames and hang them on his time off at the end of the year.

I cleaned off half of the computer desk… maybe the other half tomorrow. I also got the scanner hooked up so I could bring you the picture of Robert with the Fairy Princess… looks like he’s thinking lunch.

Guess I’ll go try to get some sleep. Hoping that Robert wakes up in a good mood tomorrow for our photo shoot. At the very least I hope he opens his eyes!


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