Beginning to FEEL More Like Christmas

Oooohhh… it’s cold out! I believe the high today was 32 and freezing rain off and on all day. Ugh! We went out early this morning to get our stuff done before the freezing rain. First stop – picture with Santa. What I didn’t know was Breakfast with Santa was going on. Ugh! So we stood in the line while everyone finished breakfast. By the time children found their parents we were the third family in line. Then they announced the pictures with Santa were free. We weren’t part of the breakfast so I went ahead and ponied up the $10 for our picture and got one free. Talk about REALLY crappy quality picture. This is the cleaned up version! Ugh! Oh well. Hopefully we’ll get a good shot with Santa at the Christmas party Wednesday.

It’s 16 degrees out… that’s cold! Jim is supposed to drive to Booneville tomorrow to do a three day training. He said the salesman called Friday and asked if he wanted to postpone until after the first of the year. Of course my husband, let’s wait and see. I hope he doesn’t go. There is supposed to be freezing rain again tomorrow then be ok on Monday and back to freezing rain on Tuesday and Wednesday. I want him home. I don’t want him risking his life on the roads. But I know him… he’s determined. I will have to wait until the morning for him to decide.

I baked some cookies today. Made a special batch for my Mom. Her favorite cookie in the world… a spritz cookie made with butter not margarine or shortening. Last night she was honored as the Citizen of the Year by one of the sororities in my home town. It was a surprise and they really did surprise her. Of course, she says she doesn’t really do anything. I know how much she does, and I’m glad others do to! I wish she’d realize it a bit too but that’s part of her charm.

Robert and Jim are napping on the couch. Robert is so long now. He covers Jim’s torso. Harley is curled up at their feet. She has been the hound from hell recently. Nothing is safe from her chewing if it is within her reach. Yesterday alone she got a baseball hat and ruined it; two of the plastic rings from Robert’s bottles – destroyed, and two catalogs! Today she got another hat and the insert out of one of my shoes. She’s definitely showing classic signs of middle child syndrome and a healthy dose of sibling rivalry.


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