The Ice Is Coming

Week two back at work and I was way early this morning. Jim had us all up and moving at the crack of dawn. He generally leaves the house around 7… I used to stay in bed until at least 7:15… not anymore. At 6:30 he had Robert up, fed and dressed. I had to kick it in gear. The good news is Robert consented to taking a nap in his swing so I had a chance to check emails, etc.

The ice storm has started. Right now I think we’re in pretty good shape. They’ve called off work for me tomorrow, the boss just called and said sleep in. Jim brought work home so I’m hoping he stays home with us. The fireplace pilot is lit so we will have heat even if the power goes out and Jim can cook on the gas grill so we should be warm and fed. We’ve got two new cans of formula and a new pack of diapers… we can weather anything!

I started working on Aunt Barb’s Christmas present from Robert. I got her a Starbuck’s tumbler and did a layout tonight but the template is a wee bit small so I’m going to have to make some adustments to it… ugh! Maybe that will get done tomorrow. I did get PS Elements re-loaded on the big computer so I can see it on the “big screen”.


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