Ice Storm???

Well the ice wasn’t nearly as bad as the weather forecasters forecasted. We actually could have made it in to work with no problem. That being said, it was nice to have a day to hang out with Robert again. Just him and me for a whole day. We stayed in our jammies all day and had long talks and tummy time and story time. Tonight we took a nice bath and showed Daddy our tummy time routine. He’s getting really strong.

I’m glad that we had the down time today but it has put me behind. I have a grant due on Friday that’s going to have to be FedEx’d on Thursday so I have to write it tomorrow without fail! I’m just going to lock my self in my office and go for it.

Tomorrow night we have the Soroptimist Christmas party so it will be a late night and I won’t be able to do any work. Thursday I have to leave the office at 2 because Robert has his two month immunizations. So that means I really need to go to the post office by noon to mail the grant. I have a pretty good idea how to write this one but it will be a new program so I have to map out every part of it… ugh!

I got another pair of Born loafers and a pair of Aigner boots on eBay today… yeah!!! My new shoe buying addiction. Harley has totally decimated my shoes so hopefully these three new purchases will help me start re-building. I have vowed to make sure that they are never anywhere she can get to them. The problem is if you forget for a minute, she’s got them and she can destroy a shoe in 30 seconds or less. Jim is so impressed with my finds he wants me to start looking for shoes for him.


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