More Christmas

Last night was the usual… it’s Friday so we made our weekly trek to Target. Picked up the pictures for our Christmas card. I think they turned out nice. Then we had to stop at Hallmark so I could get Robert his very first plush Snoopy. My Dad got my brother a Snoopy for his first Christmas, and my brother got his son a Snoopy for his first Christmas… so I’m carrying on the family tradition.

We had dinner at Briarcliff Cafe before coming home. Robert was in such a good mood. He entertained himself all through dinner and was rewarded with the wait staff totally making over him.

After we got home I ran out to do a little more Christmas shopping. Got Robert a musical play gym type thing that will grow with him. It will convert to a rocking horse and when he’s too big for that the keyboard detaches.

Today I ran to the bank and found out my license expired in November… oh crap… over 30 days ago, I was so afraid I’d have to take the test. Ran home and picked up my pass port and flew to the license bureau. Note to self, go to license bureau during a snow storm and there is no line! $20 and a crappy picture later, I’m legal for 6 more years. On my way home I stopped and got Jim a Krups combination coffee pot/capuccino machine. I know he wanted one it will also help clear up counter space for us.

When I got home he decided to run out and do some shopping so I’m just waiting for him to get home. In the meantime I wrapped all the gifts for work and found out I don’t have enough to do for all my people and Jim’s secretary’s. So, I’ll be running out this afternoon and picking up a couple of more things. Jim leaves town tomorrow for a few nights so the next time I’ll have a chance to go anywhere alone is Wednesday night.

It’s starting to snow again and the last time I called there was no answer at Grandma’s. My aunt called last night to say she’d be going back to her apartment today. I’ll try to call her again later on. She’ll understand that with the roads being iffy in spots I don’t want to go that far alone and I don’t want to take the baby so I’ll get out there next weekend.

I picked up a gift card for Jim’s sister and her husband today at Linen’s N Things. He’s supposed to be picking up Target ones for their kids on his way home so that can go in the mail today since we won’t be going to Nebraska this Christmas. In the past when we’ve bought gifts and wound up not going they either never got the gifts or got them in March. This will just be easier all around!

I’m hoping tonight I can get in the kitchen and do some holiday baking. We’ll see how the rest of the day goes.


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