Feeling the Warm Fuzzies

This little guy has just been a total delight this week. He’s always been a really good baby and pretty low key but this week, he’s just been a little charmer. We’re getting a lot more smiles and just a lot happier disposition. Last night we got home and I had 100 Christmas cards for work to stuff, stamp and label. He hung out in his swing while I did that. Then we played for a bit. He loves looking at faces and sticking his tongue out, especially when you mimic him. Then he took a little nap. When he woke up we had a bath and a bottle and then he slept from 8:45 until 10:15. He had another bottle at 10:15 and then slept until 5:30 this morning!!! When he woke up he was all smiles and wanting to cuddle.

Today at preschool they said he was really alert. Tonight my best friend Renee came over. She’s in town for Christmas from Las Vegas. We headed out to Zona Rosa for some shopping. I got the cutest outfits at Baby Gap on the sale rack! He’s going to look so cute in them. We met Jim for dinner at Rib Crib when he got into town. Robert was a champ the whole night. Not fussing. He sat in his stroller the whole time we ate. Jim took him and came home and Renee and I did some more shopping.

We got Robert this Polar Bear at Build A Bear. It looks a lot like Boo Bear, the bear Donnie won for me on vacation a few years ago that my aunt fell in love with and took! So Robert will now have Boo Bear, Jr. Renee also got Ann & Robert both miniature polar bears… Boo Bear Jr. Jr.

Next week while I’m working Renee and Jim are going to go out for sushi. I think it’s so funny, they are both into food and will talk restaurants and recipes and menus and I’m just not that adventurous of an eater so they’re just going to go off and do it on their own! Renee said we have to come out to Vegas to see her and Jim can watch the baby while we shop and then I can watch him while they eat. Too funny.


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