Robert the Reindeer

It was in the 50s today in Kansas City and I got off work early so we decided to take Robert out for some holiday traditions. We started at the Plaza so he could see the lights. He was fascinated by them when they came on and kept looking up. We did a little shopping. We didn’t buy the reindeer antlers at Restoration Hardware but he sure did look cute in them. We did however get this really cool Circus Puppet set complete with stage and I’m pretty sure Santa is going to bring Robert the matching finger puppets… they are just so cute.

We ran into my friend Ginnie on the Plaza.. twice! The second time she offered to snap a few pictures of the three of us. I’m so glad she did!

When we finished with the Plaza we headed off to Crown Center to get a bite to eat and see the Toyland outside. I love the picture of Robert kissing me. I had just kissed him and he turned his head to return the favor and Jim snapped the picture. It melts my heart. I also loved the one with his big toothless grin. He’s growing up so much.

Last night Robert slept in his crib in his room all night. That makes three nights in a row he’s slept through the night. I’m not so sure Mommy is ready for him to be in his own room but apparently he is. He’s growing up so fast. This time in his life is just an explosion of new things. Learning new skills and doing new stuff and it’s fascinating to watch but it just goes too darn fast! I swear I can’t remember what life was like without him… what did we do? What did we talk about?


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