Getting Back In Order

I want to be scrapbooking right now but I’m too tired. Got home and have barely had a chance to sit down since I walked in the door. First order of business was to put together Robert’s high chair since I unpacked it last night so I could get the box to the curb today. I’m proud to announce I think our house was the winner for biggest pile on the block for free trash day. Perhaps I’m getting a bit too competitive.

Next I vacuumed part of the living room so that I could get the child gate put up so Robert has some floor space that is his and Harley can’t bother him. We put him in there tonight in his bouncy chair with his new musical light show and that kept him very entertained.

I got Roberts toys and clothes put up and assembled his puppet theater. I think New Year’s Eve Jim and I might have to entertain him with a little puppet show. I know in the future he’ll get hours of entertainment out of it. And if he doesn’t, Jim and I will.

Moved Cosmo’s old condo to the basement rec room and put his new condo in place. Last I saw him he was napping on the top. It’s a lot wider than the old one so he doesn’t have to ball up quite so tight. It’s also well out of Harley’s reach so he can rest more peacefully.

Got files for work copied on to the jump drive. My goal is to produce three tri-folds tomorrow. We’ve got an accreditation visit in two weeks so EVERYONE is busy, busy. I’m just going to shut my door and hunker down. I think I have most of the text written in various places it’s just laying it out and getting the right graphics. It doesn’t help that not all of our photo release forms are in order so trying to figure out which photos I can use right now is a bit of a process. Would help a lot if I knew all the client’s names.

Maybe this weekend I’ll get some scrapping done.


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