Big Person Day

Today has been a grown up day all day. Started out by finishing up our wills, advanced directives and power of attorneys so that we can get them notarized tomorrow. All documents we hope we never have to use but ones that have to be made, especially now that Robert is here. On paper it looks like he’ll be provided for pretty well if we die. We are definitely worth more dead than alive right now if you don’t factor in future earning potential. My goal is to start doing mroe of he wealth building this year now that we’re finally settled in the house, etc. so that maybe in a few years it will be more economically beneficial to live.

We went to brunch with Renee and had a really good time. We were there forever just catching up. Afterwards we ran over and browsed the after Christmas sale at Barnes and Noble and I picked up a couple of new calendars.

Came home and I printed all of our newly written legal documents, sorted them and flagged pages for signatures. I also set up our new Microsoft Money accounts and paid the bills for January. Always nice to have them paid before the month actually begins.

I finally got smart and printed contact sheets of all the pictures we have of Robert. I’m getting ready to curl up on the couch and decide which ones to order for his scrapbooks. I also decided I was going to make contact sheets of all my digital scrapbooking stuff so I can get it into a binder and also get those files more organized on the computer by categories. Hopefully I can get some of them printed off tonight. If not, there is always next weekend.


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