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It’s Working

When I found out I was pregnant I toyed with the idea of whether or not I was going to work or stay home. I didn’t work for 5 months of the pregnancy because of medical stuff and once I started feeling better I knew I had to get back to work. I love what I do for a living. I meet the most wonderful people. I help fund important services for people who need them. I’m good at what I do and I enjoy it. But then I had Mommy guilt. Is it OK to have a career and a child. We could afford for me to stay home. But that’s about all I’d be doing. No lunches out. No shopping. No vacations.

Luckily for me I found a job that has on-site preschool. Robert literally goes to work with me everyday. I drop him off at the preschool and I go downstairs to my office. Most days I pick him up around 4 and bring him to my office so my boss can spoil him while I wrap up my day. If I’m worried about him or want to see him I just have to run upstairs. The days after he was in the hospital I wanted him near me I simply took his bouncy seat and a blanket to my office and he hung out there all day.

Today I was in the preschool taking pictures of the teachers and this is what I found. My boy, bouncing and smiling, happy as a clam. This picture shows, its’ working. I’m so lucky to have the best of both worlds. I sent this picture to Jim tonight. He’s in Lincoln to do a training and I know how much he hates being away from us. He was going out to dinner with his sister and her husband. I hope they have a good time.

I’m getting ready to roll over and finish watching the Real Housewives tell all. I’m just shaking my head. The weather was in the 40s when I woke up and in the 20s by the time I got to work… INSANE!! On the way home it had dropped to 13. I seriously hate when Mother Nature forgets to take her lithium and we have to put up with her bi-polar mood swings.


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For the Love of Squash

Robert is such a happy little guy. Today it has been one big smile after another… absolutely all day from the minute he got up until his bedtime story. I’m so lucky to have such an easy going baby.

Tonight we introduced him to squash. Now those who know me know of my aversion to vegetables. As my best friend Renee put it, “nothing that grows in dirt”. That’s basically right about my dining preferences. I’m trying very hard not to pass that on to my son so his third food was a veggie. He LOVED it. He was so funny banging his little fists on the tray as if to say; “More, more squash now!!!” as his little eyes just danced.

Today the weather was near 60. Pretty windy but still very warm! Tomorrow, they’re calling for rain and snow with the temperatures plummeting to the 20s by the afternoon… no wonder my sinuses are going nuts! Gotta love the midwest weather. Shorts one day, parkas the next.

Tomorrow Jim also leaves for two nights in Lincoln. The good thing is he’ll get to have dinner with his sister and her husband tomorrow night. The obvious bad thing, he won’t be here and I will miss him, and Robert will miss him.

Ran by my LSS tonight to pick up an album to do Jim’s Valentine’s gift. Our first Valentine’s Day I did a little scrapbook for him and it’s become a tradition. Thanks to Heather Ann’s mini-kit it will happen again this year. I shouldn’t have started so many traditions in the years before we had Robert! I’m hoping I can get a lot of it done the next two nights after Robert is asleep.

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In the 50s Today!

Wow… the past three days have been wild. Thursday was actually a really, really good day. We got three different grants at work. It seemed like every time I turned around I was getting money. It only netted out to $39,000 which isn’t anywhere close to a personal best for me but I think the difference is the board and my boss REALLY appreciate it when the grants come in. The first was $12000 from a local civic organization. The next $25,000 was from a local foundation that was supposed to send out letters two weeks ago… I kept telling my boss we were in, she finally admitted after we got the money that she had written it off. The last $2000 was from another local civic group. It is earmarked to buy a new washer and dryer for our adult day habilitation program, their current ones are about three legs past last legs. Even those employees were thanking me. Then best of all… Jim came home Thursday night…. yeah!!!

Friday I broke a tooth. The dentist couldn’t do the repairs that day so I go back the 31st for a root canal and crown, joy of joys.

Robert has started falling asleep between 6:30 and 8:00pm and will sleep through the night. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled he’s sleeping through the night but that doesn’t give me a lot of time with my boy awake during a day. I’ve started running upstairs during the day to visit him, I miss him. Since this was a travel week for Jim we didn’t get as much time together because I have to do everything to keep the house going it doesn’t leave a lot of extra time. I hate it when we miss our story time together and if I had my way I’d just sit on the couch all night concocting new ways to get him to flash me his big old smile.

Today we worked on family time, big time. The weather was finally decent (in the 50s instead of teens) so we took off to do some shopping. We hit the sale at the Children’s Place and Carter’s outlets. Robert now is stocked up on pajamas that fit. We also got a few new outfits. We stopped at the bookstore and got him the Cat in the Hat and Are You My Mother. I read Mother to him tonight. My Mom used to read that book to me and to this day if I say to her, “Are you my mother?”, she will reply, “No, I’m a snort.” I love being Robert’s mother. He tried applesauce this week… loved it! Rice cereal is still his favorite. Monday we’ll introduce squash (trying not to poison him with my aversion to veggies). We got him a new exersaucer since he so desperately wants to stand. He loves it. He is reaching and grabbing things and can push the buttons to make it play music, definitely a good purchase!

This morning when I got up Jim was on the couch having his coffee and reading the sports page to Robert. It was so cute. I love to watch him with Robert, they have such a good time together.

Tomorrow a serious amount of housework needs to be done and it would be nice if we could move our new mattress out of the garage and into the bedroom. BUT… it’s going to be 60 degrees out. It would be criminal to stay indoors all day. So we’ll have to strike a balance between responsible adult and responsible parent. I need to go to Barnes and Noble to look for some books and would also like to run by Archivers to get some materials for Jim’s Valentine present. Maybe we can do that and have lunch at Planet Sub and then come home and work. Or nap, we’ll see 🙂

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We Miss Daddy!!!

This is the first trip that Jim’s taken that I think Robert realizes that he’s gone. And his opinion of me hasn’t been that great today. Last night he wound up not waking back up after he went down at 7ish. He slept all the way through until 5 this morning. Five is not my finest hour but I had gone to sleep pretty early so I wasn’t too bad. I promptly retrieved Robert, changed his diaper, gave him kisses and brought him into our bedroom for his morning bottle. He did pretty well for all of this. Then he went back to sleep. Great, I have a chance to shower and get ready. I did. And a few other things. Finally at 7:45 I realized I was going to have to wake him up and get him dressed so we could get on the road. That was “Mommy you’re a doo doo head, where’s daddy???” look number one. There were about 15 more between getting dressed and getting to the car. We got to preschool and he got fussy again. He never gets fussy when I drop him off. He didn’t want on the floor, he didn’t want in the bouncy seat… I finally put him in the swing and told him he’d just have to fuss or get happy until Morgan or Angela were done feeding other babies.

Tonight his mood kind of wavered all night. We had some tummy play time and he’d be all smiles and then just frown and start crying. He took a nap and woke up at 7ish. I put him in his high chair to feed him. He didn’t want anything to do with that. Ugh! So we abandoned that and I gave him a bottle. That improved his mood so I decided to give the cereal another try… this time he downed it all. Then he spent about 30 minutes playing in the high chair (his new favorite place to hang out) while I got his bottles ready for tomorrow. Then we moved to the swing. No sign of wanting to sleep… ugh. So I put him in his swing and gave Jim a call to catch up on our days. Robert started fussing so I ended the call. Picked him up, literally rocked him to the left, then the right… just once each side and the kid was OUT. He’s been in his crib ever since and I’m hoping we sleep through the night.

I’m so glad Jim gets home tomorrow.

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The Cat is Pissed at Me

The fur children are driving me crazy. Seriously, they are more work than Tank right now. Cosmo is definitely pissed at me. I think he’s missing our one on one time. He used to be able to come in at night and curl up on my chest but with Harley being super hyper right now he’s been shut out of the bedroom. All night tonight he has been under foot. I’ve actually stepped on him three times… I’ve never stepped on him that much. I tried to sit down and pet him for a while when I got home and before I let Harley loose but of course, he didn’t want to be petted then. He’s absolutely dying to get out to the garage now that he’s discovered the Fred Sanford collection. Sorry little buddy… it’s way to cold for you out there and I’m too tired to climb over stuff looking for you.

Harley is equally as nuts right now but for different reasons. First she’s discovered if she hits the baby gate hard enough it will pop open… ugh. So we have to be sure to close the actual bedroom door or she’s outta here. She’s also incredibly neurotic since Jim is out of town. I did get her to settle down on the bed for a while. unfortunately she thinks she needs to lay where I would like to put my feet… um, there’s a whole empty side to the bed… move over dog!!!

Jim figured out this morning on his way to Grand Island, NE that he was supposed to be going to Lincoln, NE. Luckily for him Lincoln is closer. He sounded horrible tonight. I think he’s getting the cold I had this weekend. That really sucks for him since the next two days he’s teaching. I didn’t call him after Tank went down tonight because I’m hoping he’s getting some rest.

Tank didn’t nap tonight like he normally does. He went to sleep about 7:00 and hasn’t stirred yet. I have no idea how long to expect him to sleep. Last night after his second helping of rice cereal, a breathing treatment and his bottle he slept from 8:30pm until 7:00am!!! No waking up at 4:30 for a snack

I keep wanting to scrapbook but my mojo has left the building. I have lot of ideas running through my head. I have a ton of pictures. I’ve done a few layouts but for the most part lately I start a layout and delete it. I hope I can get back in the groove soon.

Now, it’s teh Real Housewives season finale.

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Lovin The Rice Cereal

Tank was in such a good mood tonight we thought it would be safe to try the rice cereal. Oh boy was he excited after the first spoonful! You would think he had waited his whole life just for this! At one point he forgot to swallow and kept looking at me with an open mouth like, “hey lady, I’m ready for more!!!”

We’ll give him a few days to get used to the cereal and then start introducing him to some other fruits and vegetables. He can’t have food at the preschool until he’s four months without a note from the doctor so for now it will just be at home.

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Exciting New Stuff

We were getting ready to start Robert on cereal when he got sick so that got put on hold. I wanted to wait until he was feeling better to introduce anything new to his little system for fear of creating an eating aversion (not likely to happen but with my job comes a whole slew of things to worry about that I never knew existed). Yesterday we sat in the high chair some and played with a toy. He really likes the high chair. Tonight, the cereal. Knowing Tank he’ll be eating us out of house and home in another month.

He continues to improve every day. He really could have gone back to the preschool this morning but since we had a doctor’s appointment and I’d only be working a half day anyway I decided to keep him in my office again this morning. He had a very important meeting with his horse toy (I know, it looks like a zebra but it neighs, therefore it’s a horse). Then he spent some time looking over a grant I wrote – he truly is the brains behind the operation, he’s just too young to collect the paycheck so I’m a clever front.

Got to see OUR doctor today. He was not happy when he heard the events of last week. I now have his permission to tell them to work Robert into his schedule. He is a great doc and I hate to complain to him but he does need to know what is going on. This is the same doc whose former nurse told me I had syphillis last year. At one point he shook his head and said “why is it always you”. And not in a condescending way. So, we will be sticking with him as our primary care physician. We will not see the nurse practitioner and hopefully all will be well. He said we could continue the breathing treatments with Tank until the cough subsides to help keep his airways open so we will do that. At least the nebulizer isn’t a total waste. He also promised that the pediatric pulse ox monitor would be found today and if it isn’t another one will be ordered even if he has to put it on his personal credit card. Good enough for me.

Jim leaves town for two nights tomorrow. I talked to my Mom today and she said she was going to come up and help me but since she has a cold doesn’t want to make Tank sick again. Thank God she has a cold. Ten days of dealing with a sick baby this house is a wreck. I’m hoping to get some cleaning done the next few nights, I appreciate her thought but having her come “help” right now would just be more stressful.

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