New Year’s Eve 2007

New Year’s Eve 2007 is turning out to be pretty low key. We never really have been big NYE party people and with the addition of Tank this year we decided not to go out at all. Jim is still a bit under the weather so when I got home we ordered some Chinese delivery.

Robert slept for a couple of hours after we got home. When he finally woke up he was HUNGRY and downed his bottle. Then he was ready to PLAY! We had a lot of smiles and giggles as we did tummy time and then back time and looked at ourselves in the mirror. It’s amazing to watch him gain skills every day!

I’ve decided to do Ali Edwards One Little Word challenge this year. My word for this year- GRATITUDE. Taking time daily to truly me grateful for everything we have not dwelling on what we don’t. Being truly grateful for people in my life who touch me in both big and small ways. And hopefully, in my realizing to be more grateful, touching someone with my renewed spirit so that they might be more grateful too. So, once I week I will either blog or do a layout of what I’m grateful for.

Speaking of layouts… I have absolutely gone to town buying digital kits the past two day. All of a sudden I just have to have EVERYTHING! I think I now have more Christmas kits than I have pictures 🙂 Some pictures will just have to be scrapped more than once.

Other resolutions for this year:
— be more organized
— be a better housekeeper
— take more pictures
— cuddle more with my husband
— get us financially fit

Whew… I’m tired already! Have to go unzip some new kits!


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