A Better Frame of Mind

Sorry about how that last post ended… whew. But at least this is my safe little place to vent since nobody knows me here. My entryway floor is now scrubbed… as a matter of fact it’s glowing. The huge area rug was vacuumed, taken up, the floor was scoured and now everything is back in its place. The winter clothes bins have been sorted into give away; dry clean and take upstairs and bagged/piled accordingly. The kitchen floor has been scrubbed along with all the appliances including the inside of the microwave. You can eat off of the little bathroom floor if you’d like… it’s more sterile than an operating room. At least my frustrations turned into something productive. For that I am grateful. I’m now also too tired to be really pissed at anyone.

On to bigger and better. Here is the invitation for Tank’s dedication in two weeks. Saturday I’m on a mission to find him a cute new outfit. I think the final invite list for dinner is about 23… my incredibly gracious Aunt volunteered to host it and when the guest list kept expanding I called her in a panic. Her response, “We’re celebrating our boy, invite as many as you want, not everyone has to sit at a table at once.” I still get happy goosebumps recalling that. She loves little Tank so much!

He is quite the lucky boy. So many people love him. My boss has to cuddle him every day. I go up about 4 and retrieve him from the preschool and take him to her office then go wrap up my day. Today she was walking around the office going about her business holding him. She had been up in the preschool checking on some things around noon and came down and reported that all the babies in the infant room were crying except for Tank. He was snoozing like a champ. That’s my boy! Tonight he’s been asleep since 6:30pm. I think he’s in another growth spurt (heavy sigh). He should be waking up any time now for his final bottle of the night. This is my favorite bottle. He changes into his jammies and we curl up in our bed or on the loveseat. Jim feeds him and I read him a bedtime story and then we put him in his crib. We don’t get around to it every night but we love it so much it’s quickly becoming a priority and it has to happen no matter what else needs to be done. He’s starting to stir a bit, I better go round up his jammies.


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