Day 2

Day 2 of Daily Something! Whoo hoo! I’m actually getting kind of excited (and ahead of myself) thinking of the layouts I can do monthly and at the end of the year with all the “Daily” pictures. Today’s Daily Something is all my new True Blue Spa stuff that I got for Christmas – Santa was very good to me! It’s my goal to pay more attention to my feet this year. I don’t know why but I get horrible calluses. I’m hoping that in a few months they will be gone if I can pamper my feet a bit. Of course, It’s already a week post Christmas and the Soothing Socklets are still in their original packaging… sigh.

Got 95% of the Annual Report done at work today. Yeah for me! Tomorrow I just have to finish writing the lead article and put in the financial information then it’s off to the printer. I took the rest of the pictures that I needed for the adult services brochure today. Tomorrow I will finish putting those in and put the one picture left for the Tots brochure and then they are off to the printer too… in English AND Spanish, thank you very much!

MIL & BIL reared their ugly heads again yesterday. Apparently MIL is dying, again. I’m not really a callous person but this woman has never been kind to me. Actually, no, it’s not just kind – she hasn’t even been polite. I wouldn’t treat a stranger as rudely as she treats me. Not to mention the whole family has big problem with lying. And when you catch her in a lie she just says, “I thought it made a better story”. Now that she’s “dying” she wants to see “her grandson” – I almost puked typing that. I type “dying” because the stories we were getting yesterday started with “cancerous spots on the lung, no cure, pallative care & hospice” then turned out to be “has pneumonia, chest x-ray shows something, their not sure what it is, has respite care nurse coming to house twice a week”. BIL is a bit of a drama queen. He doesn’t like me either. Their loss. I just feel sorry for Jim. So far it’s been three years of we’re not invited to anything with his family and quite franky, it’s working well for me, let’s not change it now. God I sound like a bitch. There’s so much more to the story but I think I’ll turn my frustrations into scrubbing the entry way floor… at least then I’ll have a clean floor.


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