In The End It’s Family That Matters

We closed the chapter on Jim’s mom today. In her death she showed the world how petty and spiteful she truly was. The good thing is the family has moved on. Jim’s mother spent the last 12 years driving a wedge between her three children. When she couldn’t get Jim and his sister to participate, she cut them out. The good thing is, they are closer than ever. Robert is pictured here with his two youngest cousins. Anna holding him and Ella. Ella kept asking today wanting to “hold baby Robert” in her soft little voice.

Jim has figured out that his mother did not tell the truth about his uncle and the years of anger and bitterness have melted away. Luckily his uncle is a big enough man to understand what happened and not hold a grudge. Uncle Gary and Aunt Sherry will never forgive us if we fall out of touch again. They have three kids who do not have children and would love a little on to spoil. I told Gary, Robert has no living Grandfathers and could use one from Jim’s side. I told them I would send his monthly picture and Sherry told me I better. Gary made me promise that we would visit them in Arkansas this summer and I told him he could count on it. Gary and Sherry’s kids Dawn, Nicole and Scott are also glad they have their cousin Jim back. They all have many fond memories of growing up together in the summers and it’s been too many years of no memories. It’s time to start again.

We are also planning a trip to Estes Park this summer with Debbie’s family… they have four kids ranging from 15 – 3. We love going to visit them in Nebraska and I want to make sure that we see them more often.

Cousin Phillip and his wife Shirley have said to come to Wichita and we’ll go to the zoo.

Jim’s brother, in his greed has lost any family he had. He truly made an ass of himself this weekend and everyone saw that he was just hanging around waiting to collect a check. They money he will net off of the estate will be quickly pissed away like every other penny he ever got his hands on. I can make money, I can’t make family. In the end, I’d take the family we gained this weekend over all the money in the world.


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