OK.. so we thought we were getting the little two bedroom house that Jim and his mother purchased together from one of her aunt’s a few years ago. Jim’s mother said it had been paid off, it was a survivorship deed, his cousin told him Friday that yes, in fact it had been paid off. So why the hell did I come home to a message on my machine the old lady is giving us 2 days to come up with $18,000 (um, ain’t gonna happen) or she’s going to foreclose on us. We don’t want the house. We’ll gladly sign it back over to her and be done with it. Hopefully she’ll be happy with that arrangement. If not, take us to court. Go ahead. I don’t care anymore. You’ll just wind up with a lawyer bill and us signing the house back over to you. Soon she too will be dead and we will just let the dead bury the dead. After all, they can kill me but they can’t eat me, right?


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