Catching Up

Taking a minute to catch up on my Daily Somethings. The first picture is Miss Harley… she is definitely a daily something!!! She’s got so much energy and needs so much attention. But then there are the moments (when I have treat) that I can get here to sit still for a minute and pose for me. When I’m in the basement working on the computer she likes to come down and be with me but then she winds up getting into a box or on a shelf and it becomes me having to find a treat to rescue whatever she has found. At night she curls up at the end of the bed… reluctantly since she’d rather be at the head of the bed with us.
Next is my order from Shutterfly that came yesterday… 500 unduplicated prints – mostly of the Tank. I can’t wait to start filling his scrapbook that Sherry Welch got us. I did finish his little crop and fill Hallmark Christmas album last night. That felt good.
Last, Robert’s puppet theater proudly displayed in his room just waiting to put on wonderful productions. I can’t wait to see him playing with it in a few years and wonder what great stories he’ll come up with.
I’ve been seeing this on Moriah and Lisa’s blogs. I’m going to have to do it. Another reason to take pictures and scrap. Maybe this will give me some pages so that in the future Robert will get a glimpse of me that’s a little different from what he experienced or remembers.
Lisa also had some great information on photo storage that I need to go back and read more carefully. I need to do something to get all these digital photos under control. I’m getting a bit better about deleting pictures I know I’ll never use but quite frankly, so many pictures of Robert I just love and want to keep even if I don’t “use” them.
Jim talked to his sister today about our latest “family troubles”. Her husband called tonight madder than a wet hen. I think I managed to get him talked down. I told him we truly love him for wanting to take action on our part but right now we need to keep cool heads in hopes that this can come to a peaceful resolution. It was funny towards then end of the conversation he joked that last April he was the one lecturing me and now the tables are turned. I hope he can find some sort of middle ground soon. As I told him, I’m having to let go of a lot of my anger because having outbursts at home just make my husband feel like a failure and I’ll be damned if anyone, including me, ever makes him feel like a failure. He needs to do the same. Debbie’s having a hard enough time dealing with everything that’s happened in the past five days without having to deal with Doyle’s anger too. Tomorrow we’ll check on the police investigation. The coroner has never called back so we don’t even know if they got to the body in time. Doyle’s still mulling over possible legal actions about the will. I just hope in a few weeks all of this can be over. The good news is, Debbie and Doyle both are really looking forward to our Estes Park joint vacation. It’s going to be a good time… new memories, we need that.
The CARF review is over at work. Listening to the final briefing I think we did really well. We should get the formal results in about 8 weeks. I’m guessing a three year accreditation… the highest they give. Now it’s time to get started making some money!

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