Digging Out

Well, apparently if you have a hospice diagnosis and death is eminent it doesn’t matter if someone kills you. Since there is a possiblilty that MIL could have expired naturally no autopsy was ordered. WTF? If she was shot they would have investigated and prosecuted. With all the suspicious circumstances surrounding her death it doesn’t matter. At least it’s over.

Jim’s aunt called at 6am this morning. Jesus lady, give me a break. Apparently we’re going to be able to sign a deed in lieu of foreclosure and be done with the property. Of course, she wanted it signed TODAY or she was foreclosing. Wish she’d learn the damn law before she starts calling with threats. There are processes that have to be followed. She had already set things up with the title company but the paperwork won’t be ready for a few days. As soon as it comes we’ll sign it and Fed-Ex it back and hopefully be totally done with this.

Apparently the post-CARF celebration extended into the wee hours of the morning. On top of being up most of the night my boss is getting a sinus infection and was totally wiped out today. I would have stayed home with all the hours she put in last week and this weekend. She, Debbie & I were the only ones in the office today so we rearranged some furniture this morning. I finally got a bookshelf in my office. So I have storage space as well as somewhere to put pictures! I’ll get some picked out this weekend. I was just too tired tonight. This afternoon we were all brain dead. I did the QT run for drinks and when I got back we played Uno… those chicks are totally cut throat, I love it! Then we headed home about a half hour early. We went to Babies R Us tonight and picked up some stuff we needed. Also got two new cute outfits for Robert and scoped out possibilities for this Sunday if I can’t get out to Chocolate Soup or Janie & Jack.

Our new bed came today. For now it’s in the garage with the rest of the Fred Sandford collection. Neither of us have the energy to move furniture. Maybe this weekend we’ll get it all done.

Today’s Daily Something… this was the guest register at our wedding. My awesome friends Bob & Dianne designed this signature matte around our wedding announcement. It hangs right outside our bedroom door in the hallway and every morning I can see messages people wrote to us on our wedding day. Some people just signed their names, other’s wrote beautiful things and some of those things have meant so much to me because of what they said and who wrote them. For example, my Dad’s racing partner wrote “Your dad would have been very proud” and that meant a lot to me.

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