Moving On

Wow… what a negative week it has been. And it shows in my blog, not to mention the knot at the top of my spine. Well, that ends now. We’ll let the dead bury the dead and move on.

Sunday is Tank’s baby dedication at church. 23 people were invited, 19 are confirmed yes, two are regretful “no” (my aunt just had eye surgery) and two are maybes. I can’t believe it! Both of Robert’s namesakes will be there. My Aunt Barb is hosting a big dinner at her house afterwards. I’m really looking forward to it. Gotta take lots of pictures.

Saturday I have to find an outfit for him to wear. I’ve found a back up outfit at Babies R Us but I really want to go see what Chocolate Soup has before I make a decision, I also might run out to Janie & Jack. He’s gotta look just perfect.

He has slept a lot today. At school he slept from 9:45 until 3. Ms. Angela finally woke him up at 3 so he could eat. He stayed awake until about 7 and has been out ever since again. I think he’s teething adn the weather has also been really weird lately. When he’s awake he’s in a really rocking mood. I love watching him first thing in the morning. You go in and take him out of his crib and he just gives you a look like, “oh hey, it’s you, that’s cool”. He’s also all cuddly and happy.

Today’s Daily Something is Cosmo in his new tower. He loves his tower. Sometimes when he’s in this middle section and you walk by a little black paw will bat at you. The funniest though is when he sleeps on the top section and his tail is hanging down through the crawl hole. He’s quite the cat.

One more day of work. I’m ready for the weekend even though it’s going to be incredibly busy.


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