Scenes from the Junk Yard

When I go out to my garage the theme from Sandford & Son immediately pops into my head.. ba da ba dump… This is what I am lovingly refering to as the “Fred Sandford Collection” filling my garage. It truly does look like a junk store just imploded out there. The majority of it is stuff that came out of Jim’s mother’s house that either we’re keeping or various family members wanted but had no way to get back home with last weekend so we’re storing it. The cardboard boxes are my new bed that so far we’ve been too tired to deal with so it sits.

Today I just wanted to go to lunch with an old friend to discuss some ways we might collaborate again. Big mistake on my part. When we left the restaurant my phone went nuts! Apparently Robert had thrown up at school. When I didn’t answer they called Jim who immediately called the doctor since Robert has been exposed to RSV and got a 2:30pm appointment. Of course when he found out that I could take Robert to the doctor he decided since he had already packed up for the day he would go work at the coffee shop since I really need him to pick up our dry cleaning at the place we take it to by his office and it won’t be ready until after 5. It was 1:30pm when I found out so I had to book it back to work, pick up Robert, wrap up a couple of things and book it back to the doctor’s office. He doesn’t have a fever, his lungs sounded GREAT, his belly is fine. Doctor has no idea why he threw up. He may have a bit of a cold. For that I lost half a day in the office. The good news is although he is still HUGE! 25″ & 18 pounds the doctor thought he was just a big baby and otherwise his gross motor abilities are great, he’s just fine, quit worrying that he’s big… so I will! The other good news is I’ve now moved from Obese to Overweight on the weight charts. Not bad for three months post pregnancy and not really watching what I eat… Robert is just quite the workout.

He’s asleep right now and I’m hoping he stays that way for a bit so I can get some scrapping done. I’ve got the monitor on and so far it’s pretty quiet.

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