Civic Duty Completed

Well, I reported bright and early this morning to the county court house in response to my Juror Summons. They say the wheels of justice turn slowly, there were times today it felt like they stopped altogether. The day started with a judge who thought he was more clever than he really was explaining to us how it was our civic duty to be there and how we were chosen. OK dude, I remember 8th grade civics class, I’m here, I could have come an hour later if I didn’t have to sit through your lecture.

I got sent to Circuit Court 3. It was a DWI case. The prosecutor and defense attorney both had their chance to ask questions of the group of us. If we needed to respond to their question we would raise our hands and they would take our responses one by one. I swear one guy must have thought that there was a prize for answering the most questions because he raised his hand ad nauseum. We had recess at 10:30, came back at 10:45 and then were released at 11:10 for all the people who needed to answer one of the questions (Have you ever been convicted of DWI) privately. Gee, wonder what their response to that was. So at noon we were ushered back into the courtroom where the lucky 13 were announced. I was not chosen, free to go on my merry way back to the office. It wasn’t horrid but next time I’m bringing a book for the recess periods.

This past weekend was so busy for us I think we’re both feeling like we didn’t get a weekend. I commented tonight, it’s only Monday. That’s not a good start to the week. Hopefully tonight I can get to sleep earlier and will feel a bit more refreshed in the morning.

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