I’m Kicking Myself

Last Friday Robert got sent out of preschool because he had thrown up. He threw up because of a nasty little cough he had developed. Since RSV is making its way around the preschool, Jim made an appointment at the doctor’s office, the only person available to see him was the nurse practitioner. She pronounced him healthly, just a cold and acted like we had just jumped the gun. I believe the exact quote was, “It’s a cold, all kids get colds”.

His cough continued throughout the weekend but I just kept hearing, it’s just a cold. Tuesday the preschool RN called me. Robert’s got a rattle in his chest and he just seems really congested. I explained we’d been to the doctor’s office. He doesn’t have a fever, etc. She agreed but said if it were her kid she’d take him in. So I made an appointment. Once again, nurse practitioner. This time I called Jim and asked him to meet me there. She agreed the cough was worse and thought there may be a lung infection. Then we had the big oxygen monitor debacle outlined in last post. Along with the nebulizer, etc.

Wedenesday when we went back for his re-check she finally pulled in a doctor. Get him to Children’s Mercy ER right away. Not urgent care, not the clinic, the big hospital downtown. We got there. Roberts oxygen levels were low. At one point they discussed intabating but luckily we didn’t have to do that. They performed a quick little test, took about 30 minutes, my baby has RSV. He was on oxygen. His breathing was labored. We had an 8 hour wait for a bed in the ER. Funny though, when they said he couldn’t eat again until his oxygen was above 94 and his breaths were less than 60/minute, litlte Tank rallied in time for his next meal. That kid does not like to miss a meal! I know he was miserable most of our stay but he did manage a few smiles and had a minimum amount of fussing. I’d have been crying my fool head off. We tried to keep him entertained when he was awake with a few of his favorite toys and books. He rewarded our efforts with big smiles. After one night of close monitoring and deep suctioning and oxygen he’s home, resting comfy in his crib.

I’m so pissed I didn’t stand up for him earlier. I knew it was RSV but I got bullied into thinking I was just being an irrational first time mother. I can tell you one thing, I’ll take my kid to a witch before that nurse practitioner ever sees him again. We have to go back to see a doctor in the next 2-3 days… he will see HIS pediatrician. I’m never gonna let him down like this again.



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2 responses to “I’m Kicking Myself

  1. Moriah Bettencourt

    (((hugs)))!!! That is awful, I hate it when Dr’s do not listen to my mommy instincts!!! You know him best!

  2. MNScrapbookmom

    {{HUGS}} from me too… Mommie’s do know best.

    I am not a big fan of NP’s either.
    It’s really hard to trust other medical professionals once things like this happen.

    Your a great Mother… try not to be so hard on yourself. ¥

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