Book of Me

So I found Holly McCaig’s blog today through another blog and ran across this 30 day challenge. Seems like these days I’m all about the challenges. But this one sounds really interesting. I know I won’t finish it in 30 days but my plan is to finish it this year. Step one is to come up with the list. OK, thirty words that describe me (that I wouldn’t mind being in a book about me)…
1. wife
2. mother
3. daughter
4. niece
5. aunt
(figured the relational ones were easy)
6. photographer
7. scrapbooker
8. reader
9. reality tv addict
10. techie
11. disorganized
12. wine
13. professional
14. Harley
15. Cosmo
16. blogger
17. friend
18. chocolate
19. shopper
20. Snoopy
21. chocolate
22. Starbucks
23. Barnes & Noble
24. creative
25. adventurer
26. comfortable
27. pampered
28. altruistic
29. sports fan
30. outdoorsy

OK, I think those are 30 things about me I wouldn’t be too embarrassed to admit.

Perhaps this will help spark my creativity. I keep trying to scrap but the mojo just isn’t working. I really need to get my digital stuff organized so that it’s easier to access. I do have a couple of new layouts to share this week but I’ve got to go back and figure out the credits because I failed to do it when I was making them. Chalk it up to #11 – disorganized.


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