The Cat is Pissed at Me

The fur children are driving me crazy. Seriously, they are more work than Tank right now. Cosmo is definitely pissed at me. I think he’s missing our one on one time. He used to be able to come in at night and curl up on my chest but with Harley being super hyper right now he’s been shut out of the bedroom. All night tonight he has been under foot. I’ve actually stepped on him three times… I’ve never stepped on him that much. I tried to sit down and pet him for a while when I got home and before I let Harley loose but of course, he didn’t want to be petted then. He’s absolutely dying to get out to the garage now that he’s discovered the Fred Sanford collection. Sorry little buddy… it’s way to cold for you out there and I’m too tired to climb over stuff looking for you.

Harley is equally as nuts right now but for different reasons. First she’s discovered if she hits the baby gate hard enough it will pop open… ugh. So we have to be sure to close the actual bedroom door or she’s outta here. She’s also incredibly neurotic since Jim is out of town. I did get her to settle down on the bed for a while. unfortunately she thinks she needs to lay where I would like to put my feet… um, there’s a whole empty side to the bed… move over dog!!!

Jim figured out this morning on his way to Grand Island, NE that he was supposed to be going to Lincoln, NE. Luckily for him Lincoln is closer. He sounded horrible tonight. I think he’s getting the cold I had this weekend. That really sucks for him since the next two days he’s teaching. I didn’t call him after Tank went down tonight because I’m hoping he’s getting some rest.

Tank didn’t nap tonight like he normally does. He went to sleep about 7:00 and hasn’t stirred yet. I have no idea how long to expect him to sleep. Last night after his second helping of rice cereal, a breathing treatment and his bottle he slept from 8:30pm until 7:00am!!! No waking up at 4:30 for a snack

I keep wanting to scrapbook but my mojo has left the building. I have lot of ideas running through my head. I have a ton of pictures. I’ve done a few layouts but for the most part lately I start a layout and delete it. I hope I can get back in the groove soon.

Now, it’s teh Real Housewives season finale.


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