We Miss Daddy!!!

This is the first trip that Jim’s taken that I think Robert realizes that he’s gone. And his opinion of me hasn’t been that great today. Last night he wound up not waking back up after he went down at 7ish. He slept all the way through until 5 this morning. Five is not my finest hour but I had gone to sleep pretty early so I wasn’t too bad. I promptly retrieved Robert, changed his diaper, gave him kisses and brought him into our bedroom for his morning bottle. He did pretty well for all of this. Then he went back to sleep. Great, I have a chance to shower and get ready. I did. And a few other things. Finally at 7:45 I realized I was going to have to wake him up and get him dressed so we could get on the road. That was “Mommy you’re a doo doo head, where’s daddy???” look number one. There were about 15 more between getting dressed and getting to the car. We got to preschool and he got fussy again. He never gets fussy when I drop him off. He didn’t want on the floor, he didn’t want in the bouncy seat… I finally put him in the swing and told him he’d just have to fuss or get happy until Morgan or Angela were done feeding other babies.

Tonight his mood kind of wavered all night. We had some tummy play time and he’d be all smiles and then just frown and start crying. He took a nap and woke up at 7ish. I put him in his high chair to feed him. He didn’t want anything to do with that. Ugh! So we abandoned that and I gave him a bottle. That improved his mood so I decided to give the cereal another try… this time he downed it all. Then he spent about 30 minutes playing in the high chair (his new favorite place to hang out) while I got his bottles ready for tomorrow. Then we moved to the swing. No sign of wanting to sleep… ugh. So I put him in his swing and gave Jim a call to catch up on our days. Robert started fussing so I ended the call. Picked him up, literally rocked him to the left, then the right… just once each side and the kid was OUT. He’s been in his crib ever since and I’m hoping we sleep through the night.

I’m so glad Jim gets home tomorrow.


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  1. MNScrapbookmom

    Love your new banner !!! Poor little Robert… Not sleeping huh? Love reading about your daily ramblings…your such a great Mom… ¥

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