Officially a Mommy

Little Mr. Tank was in a raucous mood tonight and did not want to go to sleep at his normal time. Daddy tried holding him and rocking him and all he got was big old smiles that clearly stated, “I’m not going to sleep anytime soon.” So he played in his exersaucer for a while and had a great time. Not wanting to miss out on this good mood I stretched out with him on the couch and we talked and laughed and then I made my crucial mistake. I got him laughing and then I bent him towards me to get a kiss… instead he threw up all over my face. Lovely. Then he laughed. Oh he is my son! I got cleaned up and he finally decided it was time to sleep. Harley’s training has really taken off thanks to the new “training” collar. So far the beep warning has been very convincing to her and she’s decided that maybe her doggie toys are better for chewing on than my underwear. She also hasn’t shredded any paper the past two nights. It’s so nice not having to spend hours each evening picking up finely shredded pieces of paper. I got her a new Valentine chew toy when I was at PetSmart and she’s really liking it. I think we’re going to go through her toy bin and start rotating her toys in and out to help keep her entertained. I can’t believe it’s Friday night already. This week really flew by at work. Things are going so great right now and we really are on the brink of greatness. I’ve come up with three new events that I think will happen this calendar year. Hopefully one this fiscal year. A local corporation toured our children’s program today and we will be the beneficiary of their charity golf tournament this year… yeah!!! I’ve gotten permission to order a fundraising database that I really need to start doing more targeted marketing and to build our donor base. And, a board member sent an email to the whole board that said “This Susanne lady is something else!” in reference to some of my recent successes. That made me feel really good. It’s so nice to work for an organization where people actually appreciate you doing your job and aren’t just “what have you done today”. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be decent so I’m hoping we can get out and do something fun. I really want Jim to see the wine store in Parkville. Sunday is supposed to be cold and icky so we’re staying in and I’m going to make Moriah’s cake. If Jim is good I might even share some of it with him.


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