I must have been really, really good… or Jim feels really, really guilty about me getting his flu… either way I got a new iTouch for Valentine’s Day. I LOVE it! I’ve wanted one for the longest time. Can’t wait to get some pictures loaded on it… and to be able to use the mobile web feature. I’m so excited!!! I also got the new high tech I-Dog to take to work to use as speakers. Poor Jim, since I was sick I didn’t get his album done… hopefully can pull that together in the next couple of weeks. I did take him out to dinner tonight and Robert got him Shrek Uno. Shrek and Uno are two of Jim’s favorite things.

In other news, I am back on my feet again and my body is slowly returning to normal. I had to go to work today… today was the big appliance delivery. We got a grant to buy a new high capacity washer and dryer for our adult day habilitation program. Working with a great appliance manager at Lowe’s we were able to not only get the washer and dryer but also a brand new dishwasher. This is huge in our low budget world. The clients in our adult program all have complex developmental disabilities… cerebral palsy, autism, schizophrenia, etc. They can be challenging some day and some don’t like it when their daily routine is different. Appliances being delivered is definitely different. Today during the delivery a couple of the clients were being a bit difficult. The delivery guys never complained that they were in their way and treated all clients they encountered with a great amount of respect. I’m a Lowe’s customer for life now. If you have a choice, I encourage you to patronize Lowe’s.

Tomorrow is a busy day. I start with getting my permanent crown in the morning. Then on to day hab to photograph Special Olympics Challenge Day and then tomorrow afternoon Robert gets his four month shots. I can’t believe he’s four months old!


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  1. MNScrapbookmom

    I am so-so jealous !!! ¥

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