Four Month Stats

Here’s an outtake shot from our little Valentine photo session when Snoopy became a teething toy rather than a fun photo prop. Our little man turned four months old on Wednesday. Today was our well baby appointment. I’m happy to report that the doctor’s office has found the pediatric pulse ox monitor so hopefully another child won’t have to go through what we went last month. On to the good stuff… Robert is 19 pounds, 11 ounces and 16.5 inches long. Still at the top of the charts but he’s still on a nice steady curve so we’re thrilled. Doc thought he looked great and said he was developing just fine. Robert was all smiles and giggles for the nurses, Doc he just stared at sort of like, “OK Doc, give it to me straight, I can handle it”. Doc couldn’t believe it when I told him Robert was sleeping 7 or 8pm until 7 or 8am. He said we were luckier than we know. I have a feeling at least one of his three didn’t sleep.

Today was a day of running! I dropped Robert off at preschool and then ran to the dentist for my permanent crown. Appointment was at 9, by 9:11 I was back in the truck on the way to the office. Stopped in there to pick up stuff for day hab and then ran over there to take pictures of our Special Olympics Challenge Day. Stayed there for the bowling and then back to my office via the bank, Walgreen’s and Taco Bell. At 2:30 I packed up to grab Robert and head to the doctor’s office. Even with all of that I managed to complete one grant application from start to finish and answer some e-mails.

Tomorrow it’s blitz the house time and get everything in place. Amy is coming to watch Tank so that Jim and I can go to his company’s holiday party — ugh! Luckily we get to sit by Gary and his wife this year… they’re really nice. Last year the food was so bad we had to stop at McDonald’s on the way home, I’m hoping it’s better this year.


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