Now We’re Both Dying

We’ve violated house rule 107 — both adults cannot be sick at the same time. Yesterday about 2 I started feeling really bad. We canceled the sitter and Jim called one of the guys from work to tell him we wouldn’t be coming to the party. By 7 my fever was 102.7 and I was really glad we didn’t go with Plan A where Jim went to the party to be politically correct. This morning, Jim woke up with the same thing I have. I believe it’s the respiratory version of the flu. We can get the fever down but not for long. Most of the day we’ve both hovered around 100. Luckily Robert is showing no signs of catching it although I think he is getting annoyed with me taking his temperature every 5 minutes. We’re hunkered down for the night both hopped up on Dayquil and Robitussin waiting for morning so we can call the doctor’s office. I think the plan is to just send Jim and have him get medicine for two.

Robert is down for the night and I’m praying that he sleeps through the night with all that he slept today. We’ve had this little game of whoever had the lowest temperature at the time took care of the baby today. So far it’s worked.


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