From Patient to Nurse

So, neither of us was well this morning but I was in better shape than Jim. So I got to take Robert to preschool and take care of getting us doctor’s appointments. I called the doctor’s office at 8:30am and they could only get me in with the nurse practitioner… um, no thanks she’s a twit and totally missed Robert’s RSV TWICE! So I left a voice mail for our doctor’s nurse hoping she’d show mercy on us. At noon when I hadn’t heard back I called again. Our doctor had a 12:15 if we could make it…. we could. When I think of spending quality one on one time with my husband a joint doctor’s appointment was not what I was thinking. Instead of a romantic dinner for two it was breathing treatments and chest x-rays. The final verdict, you guys are sick but Jim is worse. Six prescriptions later we left the doctor’s office. I dropped Jim at home and ran to Target – $147 at the pharmacy later we are mending. I’ve been fever free most of the day so that means I get to do the grunt work. Yesterday before falling sick Jim made spaghetti and homemade meatballs. He didn’t get the kitchen cleaned up before getting sick so I had a sink full of dishes to do. While I was at the Target he let Harley run loose in the house while he was in bed… she got into some trash and spread it all over the living room… so I had to clean that up. And the waiting on Jim. HUGE BABY when he’s sick. It’s almost comical. We are exact opposites when sick so I find him hard to understand when he’s ill. For me, lock me in my room, let me die. Bring me some hot tea once in a while if you think of it.

The good news is Tank is showing no signs of being sick. If our swabs come back flu we’ll start him on some prophylactic Tamiflu. He rolled over at preschool today!!! YEAH!!! Ms. Angela didn’t want to tell me but couldn’t contain herself. It’s ok… I know he’s going to do some firsts when I’m not there to see them. If I didn’t work he could have done it when I was at the store or getting my hair done, it happens. He’s getting so big and doing so much more stuff! He now loves to play on the floor on his tummy. These pictures are from tonight. He entertained himself (and me) for a good thirty minutes with his tummy time activities. He also got to pet Cosmo (who was being a very good big kitty brother). The look on his face when Cosmo brushed his head against Robert’s face was so cute. Robert is now trying to figure out how to crawl. He does make some forward progress on his belly but you can see the wheels turning in his head as he tries to figure things out.

Jim’s family reared their ugly heads this weekend. What’s funny is they must think we’re rich and are trying to bleed us dry… I’ve never had so many people threaten to sue me in my life. I know they’re just trash and their threats don’t bother me. What I find funny is they are right, we are so rich it isn’t funny… but they are riches these people will never understand.


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  1. MNScrapbookmom

    Aww.. sickness. This has really been the season for us as well. Just when you think it’s going away – it reappears in fevers. Love that Robert is rolling over. Such a special time – and I missed MANY firsts wih my kids. I just took additional photos of when they did it again with me, and we made that time their “first” time. 🙂 Take Care…¥

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