Jim is on the mend and felt good enough (and was fever free) so he and Robert got to catch up on their play time tonight. I know that Jim really missed playing with him. Robert had a lot to “tell” Daddy about what he’s been doing the past day and a half. He really is quite conversational.

Jim didn’t mend fast enough to save himself a little embarrassment this morning. I was sitting in management staff meeting and the boss’ cell phone went off. She went to her office to grab it but got there too late. She came out and looked at me and said, “It was from you, the call was from your house.” I excused myself to call home and see what was so urgent that Jim needed to call my boss. Apparently he woke up in a bit of a codeine fog from the cough medicine he took an hour earlier and became confused on what time it was so he decided to call me at work and ask me. He couldn’t remember the number so he used our caller ID log. Luckily my boss has a good sense of humor and told me that he can call for the time anytime he needed. Yes, my husband, “drunk dialing”. Next sick day I’m taking the phone away.


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  1. MNScrapbookmom

    Glad the boys got a chance to catch up. Cute phone story… :)¥

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