Exhausted by the Drama

Wow! Today was drama all day long! We had a resignation at work that threw a real monkey wrench into the day. It was the new preschool director who after four weeks on the job resigned via email giving no notice. I have no idea what he was thinking. I realize it’s a tough job and there are a lot of things to be done but to just walk away… certainly not my style. Of course, I was called in to tackle the question of the letter to parents. I gave my opinions on what I would like to know as a parent and from that was given the job of drafting the letter. My boss was super stressed by everything today. We had high hopes for this employee and for him to just walk away without voicing his reasons beforehand is very frustrating. Sometimes it seems you take two steps forward and one back. I went up to the preschool about 4:15 and picked up Robert so he could come down to the admin. offices and snuggle with my boss for a bit before we came home… baby therapy, there’s nothing better.

Tomorrow we have a radio program to do. It’s a small, really small, ok – probably 6 listeners – AM station but the host is a friend of my boss. So tomorrow at 9am I’ll be on Radio Free Liberty. After that I need some desk time! I’ve got six big projects going right now, all are in the really early stages where they need a lot of fleshing out and I really need to have it done by next Wednesday. Part of it includes coming up with all new marketing material for a new special event so we can start talking to vendors and sponsors. Those all have to be designed, printed and assembled by March 3 and I haven’t even begun the design work yet.

We got a postcard for a new church the other day and I usually just ignore this stuff but this one mentioned being “involved in the community” so I dropped it into my briefcase to take to work. I need a classroom painted and I need it painted pretty quick. I’m not sure who chose purple and orange for this particular classroom but the colors are way too much for some of our kiddos. One in particular who has several sensory integration disorders is overwhelmed by it. I emailed the church today and they returned my email tonight and they’re sending volunteers March 8th and even offered to bring the supplies… yeah!!! This church has a creative arts program also and I’m hoping maybe they can offer us some help with classroom supplies and doing some programming with our adult clients.

Robert fell asleep in my bed today when I was getting ready for work. He was so cute I had to go grab the camera. The other picture is Robert’s swing with Harley’s toys in it. She’s started putting toys in the swing and on the exersaucer, she wants him to play with her so bad. Just a few more years and they’ll be romping through the back yard together.


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