Another Manic Monday

Oh wow, Monday all day today. I was so glad to be home. I still haven’t totally kicked this headache and all I wanted to do was take some drugs and go to bed. Jim had a dinner to go to tonight so it was just me and the Tank. He is teething and was pretty grumpy all night. He just wanted to be held. I managed to get him to entertain himself long enough in the exersaucer so that I could get the dishwasher loaded and unloaded and turn over the laundry. Then we just sat and cuddled. Finally about 6:30 he crashed and I put him to bed. There is nothing better than sitting and rocking a quiet baby.

After he got to sleep I got his bottles for tomorrow sanitized and his backpack put back in the truck so we’re ready for tomorrow morning. I also got the dishwasher unloaded and the trash taken out. I’m exhausted. Hopefully Tank manages to sleep through the night.

Pictures are my Mom and Tank yesterday. I know she had a good time with him and really enjoyed seeing all his new tricks. He’s growing up so fast. I wish we could freeze time for a bit.


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