Working From Home

Last night I hopped in the Explorer to go to dinner with Ginnie and Mia (two of my coolest friends) and the Explorer would not start… grrrr. It’s either the starter or the cylinoid. Ugh, I hate dealing with the cars. So I came in, grabbed the keys to Jim’s car and told him to call AAA 🙂

After a three hour dinner at California Pizza Kitchen… we had so much to talk about. We all worked together along with another woman (Terri who moved to St. Louis) 7 years ago. We still get together as often as possible. We all quit our jobs at the place we were working within 2 weeks of each other. Since then Mia and I have both gotten married. She’s had two children and I’ve had one. Ginnie’s son has graduated from high school and college and her daughter graduates high school this year. We used to span four decades but now that Mia turned 30 it’s down to three.

Since the Explorer is at the shop I’m working from home today. I use the term working loosely because between Robert and Harley I hardly have a minute to do anything. I’ve been working on this post for over 45 minutes!

Robert is teething so most of the day when he’s been awake he’s been whiny and wants to be held. For a bit squishy squash made him happy. And I’ve been rotating out his teething toys for him. He’s down for his afternoon nap now and hopefully will sleep for at least an hour.

The weather is absolutely gorgeous today so I’m making Harley stay outside. It’s sunny and 48 degrees out. She needs to realize that she’s a dog and spending the day on our bed is ridiculous when she can be out enjoying the sunshine.

Well, I better try to get some more work down. I’m trying to get new publicity materials put together for the fund raiser coming up in June. I spoke about it to the board Wednesday and they were all very excited. It’s been the best commitment I’ve seen to one of my ideas in a while. So, once again my little idea is ballooning and creating a lot more work. But I don’t mind, more work means more reward.


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