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Warm and Cozy

This is my little guy wrapped up in a blanket that one of my friend’s daughters made for him. It’s so soft and snuggly, and apparently tastes very good.

When my Mom saw the pictures of Robert “feeding” himself she was absolutely agasht. She really thought that instead of reaching for the camera I should have taken the carrots away. She thought I was plum crazy when I started explaining that this is such important brain building activity. Everything he touches and picks up creates a new “bridge” in his brain that will be so important for learning later on in life. He learned strained carrots are squishy and they are pretty good finger paint. Eventually this sensory input will lead to him learning his ABC’s and math skills.

Robert stayed up to watch the KU game tonight. Then he was wired for a bit. We rocked for a bit and I got him pretty well settled and laid him down in his crib. After about 10 minutes he wiggled and goo’d himself to sleep.

I’m off to get his bag ready for tomorrow and clean up the kitchen. I’d really like to know why the kitchen is always a total wreck when Jim leaves town. We’ll have to talk about that when he gets home 🙂


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Home Again

Little Robert had a wonderful time visiting Granny and cousin Erika. He is such a little ham, flashing the big toothless grins. I love watching my Mom with him.

He was perfect for the babysitter. She got there at 5, he was asleep by 6:15. She said she kept checking on him every 20 minutes and he was just out. That’s my boy. He actually slept until after 7 this morning.

The gala was nice. The sound system in the building is just so horrible that you can’t hear what’s going on which is really frustrating during the live auctions. We did win the Branson Getaway raffle. One night in a hotel and passes to three shows. I’ve heard of none of them. The free night in the hotel could be a nice stopping point on our way to or from visiting Jim’s aunt and uncle in Arkansas. I didn’t take any pictures at the gala this year. I can’t believe it. I guess I was too busy showing pictures of the baby to people. Terry flew in from Baltimore yesterday and Robin drove in from Des Moines so they were both exhausted. Especially Terry, he’s working so hard on his latest project I hope he doesn’t wear himself silly this year.

We got home and Jim got packed to hit the road. He and Robert took one last nap together while I ran to the store… I hate the store but we had to have trash tags and kitty litter. Of course, I didn’t get any food so there’s nothing in the house to eat. Jim should be pulling into Omaha any minute now. I hope he had a smooth drive. Robert and I are on our own until Wednesday night.

Harley thoroughly enjoyed her time at Pete and Macs but seemed reasonably happy to see me when I picked her up. She had her nails trimmed, thank God, I hate trimming her nails!

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Self Feeding

Robert decided last night that he could feed himself, maybe not. He sure was cute though. Layout is Snap and Scrap 3 page one. Backgrounds are from ksharonk’s For the Boys kit.

This morning I have taken Harley to the kennel… she absolutely loves it there, immediately runs to the attendants and could care less that I’m leaving, ungrateful dog 🙂

Ran to Walgreens to pick up the latest pictures to take to Mom. Loaded the latest pictures on to the ITouch to show everyone tonight, packed clothes for all three of us and enough baby gear to stay a week (we’ll be gone less than 24 hours).

Jim is loading the car so soon we’ll be on our way!

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Easter Layouts

Debs spurred me on to get some scrapping done. Last night I actually fell asleep at the laptop saving one of the layouts. I didn’t realize it until Jim told me this morning he woke up and put the computer away.

Thank God this week at work is over. I think the next two weeks are going to be insane and then maybe things will even off a bit. At least for one week! So many deadlines. I did a grant for a sensory integration project this week. I now know a ton about sensory integration and sensory integration disorders. I can tell you whether the sensory input is tactile, vestibular or proreceptory. Actually, it is fun learning new things. And learning early childhood development stuff right now gives me good clues on stuff that I can do for and with Robert to give him the best start possible.

Tomorrow night is the House of Hope Gala which means we’ll spend the night with my Mom. Jessica is coming over to babysit Robert. I babysat her a long time ago. She joked tonight it feels we’ve come full circle.

So much to do tomorrow to get ready. A lot of stuff to pack for Robert!

On to the layouts. The Newborn layout is Heather Ann Designs quick fill #54 and Shabby Princesses’ Our Little Prince kit. If I can get months 1 and 4 done in the next two weeks I’ll be caught up!

The Easter Basket layout is Heather Ann’s quick fill #40 and Michelle Underwood’s Cottontail kit.

The Cousins layout is Heather Ann’s quick fill page #42 and Michelle Underwood’s Cottontail kit.

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Scrappy Stuff

I did manage to get two layouts done this week so far. With everything going on at work and being so tired at night I’ve just wanted to veg out with the laptop and try to be creative. The Bunny Boy layout was actually my second attempt. The first layout I tried just never came together. I’m still not thrilled with the layout but it’s growing on me.

The Sing layout I love. I’m totally enamored by those pictures. I’m so in love with this kiddo. He is the perfect child for us. So low key and laid back. There are still nights that I’ll go into the nursery and watch him sleep and just think to myself, “this is really real, this is my son in his room and he’s going to be here tomorrow and next week and that’s just so cool!”

He is so close to sitting unsupported and he’s getting quite proficient at rolling over. Soon there is going to be no containing him.

The Sing layout is Heather Ann’s Quick Fill page #25, paper and embellishments are Shabby Princess Silly Boy Nut Nut kit.

The Bunny Boy layout is by Jen Caputo, paper and embellishments are Shabby Miss Jen’s Egg Hunt kit.


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Sing Along

Tonight after Robert finished dinner I started “singing” to him. Basically just different la’s sort of to the tune of Jingle Bells. He started singing along with me. He was having such a good time. I asked Jim to grab the video camera and of course the batteries were dead so we had to settle for still shots. I’m kind of glad that we did because you can really see his expressiveness in these shots. Just imagine a deep little giggle along with them.

The days are supposed to be getting longer but it seems like they are getting shorter. It feels like there is never enough time to accomplish everything I want to do. We had a 2 hour directors meeting today right in the middle of the day. It seems like I got to work, did a few things, went to the meeting then had a few minutes to finish up the day before it was time to come home. Great when time flies by but not so great when your to do list is the same tomorrow as it was today… only with another meeting.

This weekend is the big House of Hope Gala in Lexington. My Mom is a founding board member and I’ve been to this event every year they’ve had it. Since it goes pretty late we usually spend the night with my Mom. Sunday Jim is on the road for Omaha so we’ll need to get home in time for him to get going in time to get his classroom set up. A girl I used to babysit eons ago is coming to Mom’s to take care of Robert so that is taken care of. Now I’ve just got to get all of his gear ready, and decide what Jim and I are wearing. Harley’s reservation at Pete and Mac’s has been made so that’s another thing done.

It’s going to be a long week.

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Happy Easter!!!

The Easter Labrador did indeed find our house and Robert loved everything about his basket! It was filled with plush sports balls and a plush Easter Snoopy. There were also a couple of chocolate bunnies for Mommy & Daddy (thanks Easter Lab!) He took everything out and tasted it. He also kept a firm hold on the basket with at least one hand at all times.

After playing with his basket and having a nap it was time to get into our Easter outfit and head to Grandma’s house. At Grandma’s he had to spread out his loot again for her to see. Grandma got him the Runaway Bunny (what an adorable story) book and bunny set for Easter.

Robert got to play a lot with his cousin Donald. Donald and I were thick as thieves when he was younger. Because of him I was the Cubmaster of a scout troop for many years. We also took several really great camping trips. He’s 16 now… and taller than me! He is so good with Robert. He even put on the bunny ears to entertain him, although he was not pleased I was taking pictures.

I’m not sure who has more fun spoiling Robert, his Grandmother or his Great Aunt! I love how my Mom is looking at Robert in our family picture.

After a delicious dinner Robert & Donald laid down for a nap. You should have seen the look on Robert’s face when he woke up and saw Donald next to him, he wasn’t so sure about that. For dessert my Mom did a chocolate fountain… mmmmm.

Every holiday with Robert is a little more fun than the last as he gets more into things. His tooth still hasn’t come in as I had predicted it would but he is really working on it.

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