Great Day

We had such a good day today, and managed to pretty much document all of it with pictures. The boys got up early so Jim could start on the chili for dinner this afternoon. Robert hung out in his high chair and read his book and played with his toys. I got up and got busy straightening the house and vacuuming for the third time… pet hair … ugh!!! After a while he got really grumpy and nothing was making him happy. I tried laying down with him for a minute but that just made things worse. In the time it took me to scoop him up and sit up he fell asleep. After about an hour nap he woke up and entertained himself in his crib for about 40 minutes before I scooped him up and we were off for his bath. After his bath we put on his new Baby Gap shirt and he looked very dapper if I do say so myself. He played in his exersaucer until Aunt Barb & Uncle Ward got here. Of course, during this time I asked Jim to go move the Explorer out into the street so that they could park closer to the door. It started to move but then wouldn’t start when he decided to straighten out his parking job… ugh! So a quick call to AAA and then to the station that “fixed” it Friday and hopefully some time tomorrow they actually fix it for good. Of course Aunt Barb & Uncle Ward arrived as the tow truck was finishing up.

Robert played with them for about 20 minutes. Lots of big smiles, giggles and talking. They were delighted. Then he was tired again so I put him down for a nap and we had a delicious dinner of chili, cornbread, rice salad and a fruit dessert prepared by Jim. Love that he’ll go out of his way to fix a nice meal when my family comes over. After dinner we played Peanuts Uno. In the middle of the game Robert woke up so he joined us and ate his sweet potatotes while I tried to follow along in the game (as did Aunt Barb because she was too busy playing with him too). After Uno he went back in the exersaucer and showed off all the cute stuff he can do then it was time for them to go home. I’m so glad that they are a big part of Robert’s life. They were a big part of my brother and my’s life growing up too. Robert is going to have so much fun with them over the years!

Right after they left my Aunt Sue (the third sister – my Mom is the other) called to say they got the latest pictures of Robert and think he is just absolutely adorable and how much they appreciate me sending them (they live in the middle of nowhere with no computer and no internet – how primitive!)

Tonight I got the play pen folded down and stowed in a corner of the bedroom since we’re not using it a whole lot anymore but it’s easy to put back up if I need it. Then I got the bedroom vacuumed (the only room I didn’t get earlier). As soon as I finished Harley came in with her muddy paw prints so Jim will have to steam clean this carpet this week. It never seems to end! But I wouldn’t trade her for any other dog in the world.

Tomorrow Jim will take me to work in the morning and I will be hostage until the Explorer is ready and hopefully I can get someone to take me to pick it up or he can come pick me up at the end of the day.


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