I loathe telemarketers. We used to be on the no call list and I think it changed a year or so ago so I need to check back into getting on it again. That wouldn’t have helped last night though. My Alma Matter called to ask for money for the library expansion. Didn’t help that the student they had call me couldn’t read the script and kept saying, “and, uh, you know”. No one gave me money when I went there, and I gave them enough when I attended, don’t call me asking for more.

Then Bank of America called. We have a BoA account and I have a Commerce account. Commerce never calls. BoA at least once a week.

BoA: We’ve just sent you a limited time offer where you and your husband both qualify for $100,000 in accidental death coverage for being such good customers.

Me: No thanks, if we had that much insurance we’d be tempted to kill the other.

BoA: Oh, um, :::click:::


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  1. MNScrapbookmom

    Aww… telemarketers.. my Fav !!! NOT. 🙂 I know this link well…

    I have it saved for whenever I get those extra calls around here. I always go to the link, and remit our number, and I get the memo saying: But your already registered. At that point, I just figure they are going through the phone book. Yet another reason why I love caller ID. Have a great day !!! ¥

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