Poor Little Guy

Robert had a great day at preschool. He was fine when we got home. He played for a bit on the floor and worked on trying to roll over (if he could just get his arms to cooperate!). We had a nice dinner. He played with Daddy. We had our bottle and our story (Harry the Dirty Dog) and went to sleep. Then he woke up, crying, loudly. He never does this. I couldn’t find a source of his distress and thought perhaps it was just a gas bubble. Back to bed. Only to wake up again in 45 minutes. Crying, loudly again. So I brought him into our bed and he’s been sacked out. He’s stirred a few times and started to cry but calms quickly when I put my hand on him and talk softly. It’s gotta be the tooth that has got to come in soon! I’m predicting by Easter we’ll have a tooth or two. I love the hand to the forehead. My Mom is famous for that so that picture is for her.

And the feet, those feet are getting fitted for some shoes this weekend. I think I’ve settled on some soft soled Stride Rite. I like that we can go there and get them fitted. His feet will be protected, he’ll get used to wearing shoes and the soft soles will let him still feel his feet on hard surfaces.


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