My Big Boy

It’s been another crazy, busy weekend here. I had to be up early and on the road to get to the preschool to meet the volunteers. And I had to stop to get donuts on the way. The volunteers were incredible! There were 8 of them and they did an awesome job. They came with everything they would need: drop cloths, brushes, rollers and ladders. The lead teacher came in and helped out also. In three hours they got a layer of primer and a layer of paint on the 660 square foot room. I got home about 1:30 and we spent the day lounging around and playing with Robert.

We survived the time change and did pretty good this morning. Jim did his early morning grocery run and after our Starbucks and muffins we got to work fitting Robert to his new car seat. It’s a lot tougher to get him in and out of the car but he seems to like it ok. Then we got up and headed to a consignment sale. Today was 1/2 price day so I thought we’d see what we could find. We found this Schwinn jogging stroller in excellent condition for $25. The brake needs a little work but Jim can fix that no problem. This will be excellent when we go to festivals at the park. Then we headed back to the school to help Tammy put the room back in order for today. After about an hour there we grabbed some lunch at Buffalo Wild Wing then headed to Babies R Us where we found a cute Easter Bunny outfit for Robert and got some more plates. Our last stop was Target. Bunny ears for Robert, prescription for Jim and a lot of Anbesol because if our little guy doesn’t cut this tooth soon he’s gonna go crazy!


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  1. MNScrapbookmom

    I have friends that have one just like this and they LOVE it !!! They love the BIG tires and how easy it is to push. At $25.00 how can you go wrong? Enjoy !!! ¥

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