The Egg Hunt

We had the egg hunt at the preschool today. Everything went really well except for the weather not cooperating so we had the event inside. It worked out really well. Our teacher Morgan and her family did a lot to make this event come off. Her Dad even volunteered to be the bunny. Every child left with a few craft projects, an Easter book and a basket full of eggs. If they didn’t have a basket we provided them with one. There were also 6 or so filled prize baskets for the games.
Robert was fascinated with the Bunny’s paws and biting them! He also kissed a girl today! He spent a lot of time being passed around among teachers and of course my boss. It’s so great that these people all love him so much. When the “action” began he hung out in the glider chair with Dad and even managed a nap.
I got to meet a lot more of the parents I haven’t met before and introduce myself. Since I’ve been charged with getting the parent association up and running that was a good thing. I realized that one of the Dad’s works for Apria and he’s the one who brought us the nebulizer when Robert was sick in January. He was so nice that nice, and today too.
The part of the day that made it the most worth it was a family came late with their 9 or 10 year old son who is autistic. They were family of one of our teachers. We had a room that we had re-stocked with eggs and shut the door. He was really sensitive to all the sound around the other kids so I showed his mom the newly stocked classroom where he could take his time and hunt eggs in peace. Afterwards she found me to thank me for being so considerate. It was great watching this little guy find the eggs through the classroom window. He also consented to stand by the bunny for a picture, his dad said that was worth a million to them.

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