Boys Night In

The boys held down the fort on their own tonight. I had my monthly Soroptimist meeting and I’m so ready to get back to being active again. It’s so great that Jim is totally capable of taking care of Robert and looks forward to their time together so I can pursue things that I enjoy and not have to feel guilty. I also had to email Jim this morning that I have an early morning meeting in a couple of weeks so I need him to take Robert to preschool (which is way out of his way) and he was totally willing. Love that we’re equal partners! Of course now I’m home and Robert is asleep I’m dying to go wake him up and snuggle with him but I’m showing great restraint.

Found out tonight at the meeting that my organization got approved for a $2000 grant… yeah!!! We give away grant monies in May every year and this year Triality will be receiving money to get another high capacity, front loading washer and dryer for day hab. This will give us two brand new sets, I shouldn’t have to get more money for washers/dryers for ten more years!!!

A former co-worker called me yesterday to ask about our preschool director position. I insisted that she fax her resume over immediately. She has her first interview Friday. I think she’d be perfect, I’ve even got my boss really excited about the interview.

Work is so incredibly busy right now. There are so many new initiatives to pursue and so many grants that are coming due, not to mention newsletters and a brand new special event booked with three more in the hopper.


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  1. MNScrapbookmom

    I am going to try to leave a comment again as they are not showing up. Love the photo of your boys together – this is definately a Scrap photo. :)¥

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