Happy Easter!!!

The Easter Labrador did indeed find our house and Robert loved everything about his basket! It was filled with plush sports balls and a plush Easter Snoopy. There were also a couple of chocolate bunnies for Mommy & Daddy (thanks Easter Lab!) He took everything out and tasted it. He also kept a firm hold on the basket with at least one hand at all times.

After playing with his basket and having a nap it was time to get into our Easter outfit and head to Grandma’s house. At Grandma’s he had to spread out his loot again for her to see. Grandma got him the Runaway Bunny (what an adorable story) book and bunny set for Easter.

Robert got to play a lot with his cousin Donald. Donald and I were thick as thieves when he was younger. Because of him I was the Cubmaster of a scout troop for many years. We also took several really great camping trips. He’s 16 now… and taller than me! He is so good with Robert. He even put on the bunny ears to entertain him, although he was not pleased I was taking pictures.

I’m not sure who has more fun spoiling Robert, his Grandmother or his Great Aunt! I love how my Mom is looking at Robert in our family picture.

After a delicious dinner Robert & Donald laid down for a nap. You should have seen the look on Robert’s face when he woke up and saw Donald next to him, he wasn’t so sure about that. For dessert my Mom did a chocolate fountain… mmmmm.

Every holiday with Robert is a little more fun than the last as he gets more into things. His tooth still hasn’t come in as I had predicted it would but he is really working on it.


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  1. Debs

    ooohhh what a gorgeous load of photos!!! so much in each one of them!!! are you going to scrapbook them all? i’ve bookmarked you so i can find out!! no pressure of course!! 😀 😀 Debsx

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