Scrappy Stuff

I did manage to get two layouts done this week so far. With everything going on at work and being so tired at night I’ve just wanted to veg out with the laptop and try to be creative. The Bunny Boy layout was actually my second attempt. The first layout I tried just never came together. I’m still not thrilled with the layout but it’s growing on me.

The Sing layout I love. I’m totally enamored by those pictures. I’m so in love with this kiddo. He is the perfect child for us. So low key and laid back. There are still nights that I’ll go into the nursery and watch him sleep and just think to myself, “this is really real, this is my son in his room and he’s going to be here tomorrow and next week and that’s just so cool!”

He is so close to sitting unsupported and he’s getting quite proficient at rolling over. Soon there is going to be no containing him.

The Sing layout is Heather Ann’s Quick Fill page #25, paper and embellishments are Shabby Princess Silly Boy Nut Nut kit.

The Bunny Boy layout is by Jen Caputo, paper and embellishments are Shabby Miss Jen’s Egg Hunt kit.



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2 responses to “Scrappy Stuff

  1. Debs

    What a total cutie!! Debsx

  2. MNScrapbookmom

    Soon there will be no stopping him !!! You are go lucky to have him, he seems like such a great little guy. Love both layouts !!! I just can’t seem to get the digi thing down, thus I will stick to paper. Which I am ok with. Totally love Scrapbooking… Such a great way to get those precious memories and moments on paper. Love Robert’s bunny ears… Such a sweet little bunny… ¥

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