Home Again

Little Robert had a wonderful time visiting Granny and cousin Erika. He is such a little ham, flashing the big toothless grins. I love watching my Mom with him.

He was perfect for the babysitter. She got there at 5, he was asleep by 6:15. She said she kept checking on him every 20 minutes and he was just out. That’s my boy. He actually slept until after 7 this morning.

The gala was nice. The sound system in the building is just so horrible that you can’t hear what’s going on which is really frustrating during the live auctions. We did win the Branson Getaway raffle. One night in a hotel and passes to three shows. I’ve heard of none of them. The free night in the hotel could be a nice stopping point on our way to or from visiting Jim’s aunt and uncle in Arkansas. I didn’t take any pictures at the gala this year. I can’t believe it. I guess I was too busy showing pictures of the baby to people. Terry flew in from Baltimore yesterday and Robin drove in from Des Moines so they were both exhausted. Especially Terry, he’s working so hard on his latest project I hope he doesn’t wear himself silly this year.

We got home and Jim got packed to hit the road. He and Robert took one last nap together while I ran to the store… I hate the store but we had to have trash tags and kitty litter. Of course, I didn’t get any food so there’s nothing in the house to eat. Jim should be pulling into Omaha any minute now. I hope he had a smooth drive. Robert and I are on our own until Wednesday night.

Harley thoroughly enjoyed her time at Pete and Macs but seemed reasonably happy to see me when I picked her up. She had her nails trimmed, thank God, I hate trimming her nails!

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